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The Outsiders- Character Comparison

posted Sep 27, 2012 13:38:24 by Mlle
Which character in the novel "The Outsiders" do you feel that you relate to best? Give 3 arguments to support your answer.
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Like_A_Sir said Sep 27, 2012 16:00:24
I feel like I relate to Cherry because she takes her time. I am also very patient and take my time. I know she takes her time because the text said she liked to watch the sunset which is time consuming and slow. She likes to rea books and so do I, meaning that she is probably smart. Lastly, we realate because she doesn't like dally and neither do I meaning we have the same reaction in his personality. ~Erin
avatar said Sep 27, 2012 16:00:26
Like_A_Sir said Sep 27, 2012 16:02:09
avatar said Sep 27, 2012 17:43:10
I feel like i am the most a like with sodapop becuase we both don't read we both understand a lot were both handsome.
avatar said Sep 27, 2012 17:45:32
I relate to Cherry Valance because she is very good looking. Also she doesn't enjoy people confronting her while she's watching movies.
J@Da said Sep 27, 2012 17:50:01
In the book the Outsiders the character I relate most to is Ponyboy. I think I am most like Ponyboy because in the book it says that Ponyboy gets good grades and in school I try my best to get good grades. In the text it says that Ponyboy runs track so I think I can relate most to Pony because in school I ran track since grade 3. In the text it says that Pony tries his best to stay out of trouble, so I think he's similar to me because I don't get in trouble a lot. Those are the reasons why I think I relate most to Ponyboy.
avatar said Sep 27, 2012 17:50:17
I feel that I relate to Johnny the most because im am shy just like him and when I hang out at my cousins I am one of the youngest. I know that Johnny is shy because when they went to talk to Cherry and Marcia at the movies he wouldn't really talk much. I also know this because the group refers to him as the puppy of the group cause hes so quiet just like I am. However, I do not have abusive parents like he does.
avatar said Sep 27, 2012 17:52:17
i think i could relate to soadapop because every one likes soada just like me and soda is very layed back and doesent worry that much unlike jhonny who is always on edge also i could relate to soda because he has a younger brother (ponyboy) like me and also soda is a boy like myself in my opinion soda is the favorite in the gang and know one could hate on him and DAN
avatar said Sep 27, 2012 17:52:21
I relate to Darry because we both like to go to partys, picking up chicks and fight.
avatar said Sep 27, 2012 17:55:28
avatar said Sep 27, 2012 17:56:53
I relate to Darry because we both like to go to partys, picking up chicks and fight. i agree with super blake
avatar said Sep 27, 2012 18:00:36
I feel as if I resemble many characters in The Outsiders, and in many aspects.
For instance, I'm like Two-Bit, because I usually make a lot of wise-cracks and whatnot.
I'm also like Ponyboy, because him and I both enjoy literature.
Also, I resemble Dallas, because he gets easily agitated if someone puts their hands on him, or harasses him physically.

I'm sure someone else could identify me in a more efficient and honest manner, however.
WG02 said Sep 27, 2012 18:00:53
I can relate to Ponyboy, because he doesn't like getting labelled (as a "greaser"). I also, don't like getting labelled. He enjoys reading, unlike the other members of the gang and, I enjoy reading. The final thing we have in common is that we both both enjoy watching movies.
unknown said Sep 27, 2012 18:02:21
In the novel "The Outsiders" I realate to PonyBoy best because he tries to behave and do his best, he thinks everyone deserves respect even if they're rich or poor and he is athletic. I know PonyBoy tries to behave and do his best because in the book it says if he gets into any trouble he will be taken away from his brother. I know he tries his best in school becausein the text it says that he is a big reader and gets good grades.I behave myself and get good grades too. I know PonyBoy thinks every deserves respect because in the book he always gets discouraged when the Socs girls look at him like he's dirt. I also believe everyone deserves respect no matter poor or rich. Finally I think PonyBoy is athletgoic because in the book it said he was good at track. I am also athletic. That's why I think I relate to PonyBoy the most.
EmoIsLove said Sep 27, 2012 18:04:34
i feel that i am more of a greaser, i think this way because, a greaser is someone who is poor, but tough, and very emotional. when a greaser is sad, there really sad and show it physically and mentally, when a greaser is mad there very mad.

i feel that i relate well to greasers because of the way i exspress my emotions, i express them physically and mentally, when i am upset almost everyone can tell, or itleast the people who care or even pay attention, unlike a socs would.

another reason i feel like i would be considered a greaser is because i am very caring, i like to make sure that everyone is okay and help at any extent.

my last reason that i think i would b considered a greaser is because im poor, im almost on the street. we can afford food and cloths but we never get a chancew to go out for dinner together or go to amusement parks and on vacation like many others. i might be poor, but i am not week, im tough. i fight through my problems and do everything i can to keep a positive attitude, my dad is like a part of my tribe he is just like me, he does everything for me and tries to make sure i have everything i need.

thats why i think i would best relate to being a greaser <3
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